Whoops! Haven’t posted for a while.

My word I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since my last post. Sorry about that. I haven’t got an awful lot done in that time I’m afraid but I have painted a few odds and sods.

First up a Rogue Trader Librarian I painted up for the LAF Future Wars Paining Club.

Then there’s another mini I painted the same club. An original Necron Warrior. I love these models and I have a full squad of 5 of them (only 1 painted though).

Necron Warrior front
Necron Warrior Back

I’ve also started assembling a 15mm WW2 Soviet army for Flames Of War using a combination of Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company models. Here’s a few pics of what I’ve done so far.

Battalion Kommand
Battalion Command (with flag)
First Platoon with Battalion Kommand.

Well that’s all for now but I’ve got a few more bits I need to photograph and then I’ll post them here.

Post Apocalyptic/Grubby Sci-fi Skirmish Gangs

These aren’t new but it’s been absolutely ages since I posted on here and I realised that I shared them on various threads just before I started this Blog. So it would be good to have everything in one place and to give you some eye candy to look at.

First up here’s some pics of my growing Scavvy/Ghoul/Mutie gang. Mainly Necromunda Scavvies but a couple of other miniatures in there too. Namely a big mutant from East Riding Miniatures and a Judge Dredd Miniatures game mutant.


The dudes.

Scaly with Scatter Cannon

East Riding Miniatures big mutant

There’s a couple of other Scavvies half painted on my painting desk soon to be added to this gang.

Next up is the start of a Survivior/Scavenger Gang using the Future Skirmish range (formerly Copplestone now EM4) of Scavengers and one Rebel.



Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles Alternate View

Thanks for looking.

Multi-Racial Followers Of The Dark Gods

Thanks to Chico over over on the Oldhammer facebook page for running a painting competition themed around chaos that inspired me to paint up this little lot. I call them my Multi-Racial Followers Of The Dark Gods.

These guys will be getting some reinforcements soon, including the 1987 Chaos Champion named Blaspew Flamesword who has just hit the painting desk today.

Lead Adventures Painting Clubs

Over on the Lead Adventures forum they’ve been running cool little painting clubs this year. It’s a great excuse for people to dust off some of the unpainted miniatures on their Lead Piles and get a bit of paint slapped on them The first one that I noticed was the Pulp Painting Club on the Pulp Boards. After a brief dig through my pile I found a baggy of not-Futurama miniatures from East Riding Miniatures Golgo Island Pulp range. I decided that the not-Zoidberg would be the most fun to paint and so I painted it up in an afternoon and entered that into the club.

The next club to be announced was the Medieval Painting Club. I didn’t really think I had anything for this but I did managed to dig out a Viking Warrior with a Spear and Shield and began painting it. Unfortunately this wasn’t finished in time to enter into the club (and still isn’t) which was slightly disappointing.

The most recent club, after waiting for what seemed an age to find out, is The Old West Painting Posse. I was hoping for Future Wars, Fantasy, Post-Apoc or VSF, but I did have a few mini’s kicking around to paint up for a Wild West theme. Namely the Earps set from Black Scorpion’s Tombstone range. I almost missed the deadline for this too, but just managed to squeeze my entry, Wyatt Earp, in at 95/100.

Anyway I’m looking forward to the next Club now. Please, please, please be one of the genres mentioned above.

Drumroll!!! First Post

Hey this is my first post so start off with some eye candy. This is my skeleton warband I’ve been building for fantasy skirmish gaming. As you can see I have a great fondness for old lead. two of these guys (the two skellies with scythes) are citadel C-Series pre-slotta miniatures. I also have a couple of even older Fantasy Tribes skellies on my to-paint pile. Made the year I was born. 1982. The Liche, I think is old Ral Partha but not sure. Pic’s not great as taken on a mobile phone camera but will replace as and when I can get access to a better camera.

Group shotLicheArcher Scythe 1

Scythe 2

See you next time.